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Scarborough Aviation

Private Jets

To fly aboard any of our luxurious private jets is to experience a mode of travel that is, simply put - "The Ultimate Experience" in flying. Not only are our jets completely safe; our crews are highly experienced. Our cabin amenities are top notch. The 7-8 and 13 passenger seating arrangements are spacious. Designed to provide roomy areas for dining, meeting or a workstation; our jets are equipped with internet and telephone services and the galleys come complete with your choice of cuisine and/or beverage. With some of the best rates in the business, allow your schedule to become our schedule. WE fly when you wish to fly.


• Gulfstream III • LearJet 60 • Challenger 604 • Hawker 800xp

Cargo Jets

If you needed that cargo ‘yesterday’, let Scarborough Aviation, Inc., become your carrier of choice. With turnaround times at the top of the aviation class, getting your shipment across the country or around the world, we can handle all your air cargo shipping needs. Our planes can carry large payloads and meet schedules at record speeds. Flowers from South America to New York can be done in a mere 24-hour turnaround. Computers or Medical Specialty equipment from Switzerland to America? No problem! We deliver and we deliver ON TIME!

Cargo Jets

• Boeing 737 - 200 • Boeing 737 - 100