Air . Land . Sea : Worldwide Transportation

About Us

Our Story

Our founder & CEO, George Scarborough started The Scarborough Group of Companies with one goal in mind: WORLDWIDE TRANSPORTATION, ON TIME. EVERYTIME.

By having subsidiaries in air, land and sea, TSG Companies has not only been able to accomplish our founding mission, but has also garnered the ability to provide cost effective solutions to our customers and partners.

We have since grown and branched out into various industries, giving The Scarborough Group of Companies an incredibly unique portfolio. We’re an active player in Cargo Transportation, Private Transportation, Leisure Travel (cruise ships), Real Estate Investment, Equity Capital Investment and Ranching, since our founding in 1972.

Today, we are headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, with a savvy executive team in place dedicated to the growth and success of The Scarborough Group of Companies.

Our Team

George Scarborough, Founder & CEO
Dr. Sandra E. Gleason, Vice President
Mary Stevens, Office Manager
Karen R. Carpenter, Comptroller
Carolyn Stevens, Corporate Secretary